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Background and Setting

The campaign takes place in Imperial Year 998.M41 on The Spinward Front, a multi-system theatre of war on the outskirts of the Calixis Sector of Segmentum Obscurus, part of the Imperium of Man.

This is a crucial time for the forces of the Imperium. Secession, treason and alien powers threaten to topple the Imperial Guard’s tenuous control of the region. Meanwhile, the wars of the distant Jericho Reach take priority and draw ever more resources through the Jericho-Maw Warp Gate. Unless the situation improves, the next few years could see the Imperium lose control of the Front, and with it possibly even the entire Calixis Sector. Billions of human lives lie in the balance.

The Catheric 133rd Light Infantry is one of hundreds of regiments operating in the theatre under the purview of Lord Sector Marius Hax and the Periphery Battle Group.

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