Catheric 133rd

The Catheric 133rd

Homeworld: Cath (Imperial World, Calixis Sector)
Founding: 996.M41
Commanding Officer: Eyric Renault
Regimental Commissar: Syballine Thorne

The 133rd Light Infantry is one of 201 Catheric regiments comprised largely of light and line infantry. The regiment was founded as a direct consequence of the Day of Shame – a scandal which resulted in a doubling of the planetary tithe after the discovery of a heretical cult uncovered by the Inquisition. The Catheric 101st to 201st comprise of these largely untested regiments.

Regimental Structure

Regimental Staff: 50 men

  • A Company: HQ
  • B-C Company: Shock/Elite infantry
  • D-I Company: Light infantry
  • J-K Company: Recon
  • L Company: Engineering Corps
  • M Company: Medicae
  • N Company: Supply
  • O Company: Support elements

Each company comprises of 320 men, divided into 6 platoons of 55 men each.

J Company

Captain: Gordrim Sturt
Company Commissar: Timothic Rand
Chief Medicae: Pietrim Task
Platoons: Janus, Feybar, Mayday, Juno, Auguric, Septim.

An element of advance scouts who generally are assigned ahead of the Catheric Vanguard to locate and verify tactical objectives for the regiment.

Feybar Platoon

Lieutenant: Tomon Gant

A platoon of four 10-man squads, plus command and heavy weapon support elements.

J-7 Squad, Feybar

The PC squad.

  • Sergeant: Saul Gavael (Tim)
  • Trooper: Yiannis Yiotis (Jordan)
  • Trooper: Jules Oppenheimer (Jimmy)
  • Junior Medicae: Balen Petran (Warren)
  • Auxilia: Xaever

Feybar Support Elements

  • Trooper: Xavier Orlosky III (Warren)
  • Trooper: Mannix
  • Trooper: Lucien Wyld (Steen)
  • Trooper: Dalin Wyld
  • Junior Medicae: Galt Whitaran (Tom)
  • Auxilia: Tambric

Catheric 133rd

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