Tag: Aeryas


  • Halbast Dain

    Master of Ordinance of Imperial Navy Battlegroup Tellros, part of the Periphery Operations of Battlefleet Calixis. Halbast was escorted offworld during the Aeryas action by elements of the Catheric 133rd.

  • Albus Vorgan

    A senior commissar attached the Scintillan 17th. Touch, absolute and unflinching in his devotions to the Comissariat. Vorgan executed Lieutenant [[:tomon-gant]] during the [[Fallow Basin Incident]] on Aeryas. Since then he has been closely watching …

  • Aleksander Jupine

    Lieutenant-Commander Aleksander Jupine is a young officer of the [[Scintillan 17th]], in command of a sizeable contingent of Scintillan forces on Aeryas. Nephew of [[:godwinne-pailus]]. Jupine was assisted in his extraction at the [[Fallow Basin …