The Spinward Front

Out on a ledge

Never have I felt so insignificant.

I always saw this sort of thing on the newspicts, but I never paid it much attention. It just happened to some poor schmucks on the other side of the galaxy. That was never going to be me. I was going to live out my days fixing up rich kids who had hurt themselves in a hoverbike race or taken too many stims. I was never going to be the guy in those picts.

Needless to say my first real action has left me cold. Watching these strangers get shot up, these strangers who I now depend on for me life. Strangers that I ran through fire to help. Strangers who got a bullet in the head from some feth-head commissar. A bullet in the head for trying to get the men under his command to safety.

Worst of all, is knowing that they don’t care about us. They don’t care about any of the 133rd. They probably don’t care about anyone in a guard uniform, except those damn Scentillans, with all their fancy kit. Left us out on a ledge and I have no idea how we climbed down off it.

The whole thing was a blur. We seemed to be making some headway and then before we knew it – they were going to glass the whole fething place, whether we got out or not. It look us a whole day to get out, but we made it. We made it with no help, no favours and despite the antique guns they’ve issued us with which spend more time jammed up than firing at the Emperor-damned Orks.

I patched up a fair few people along the way – my LTs hands needed patching (fat lot of good it did him when the Commissar put a round between his eyes) and Sarge did his best to die on me. I even had to haul him half way across the planet on my shoulder to keep him from finishing the job. That man has a deathwish, but I like him and the longer I can keep him alive the longer it’ll be until I get a new boss.

I even had to patch up the Lieutenant Commander in charge of the whole damn shooting match.

But despite the Orks, the jammed guns and the near-dead Sergeant, here I am, waiting for a transport off this useless moon. I’ve no idea where we’re headed next, but I can tell you that I won’t get caught off guard like that again. I’m going to be ready.


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